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Rock Bay Camps, Tupper Lake NY


Father Hervieux emigrated from Canada and settled in Tupper Lake where he served as the Pastor of St Alphonsus Church on Wawbeek Avenue.  The large Lakeside Camp was originally built in the early 1900’s as a retreat for Father Hervieux as well as many other visiting priests and friends who traveled through Tupper Lake. 

Father Hervieux was an extraordinary man. After his sister died giving birth to her second son. His Sisters husband was unable to raise the four children alone so Father Hervieux volunteered to take both of his Nieces Bernadette and Antoinette to America and raise them as his own.

Monsignor Hervieux passed away in 1947 leaving the property to his Niece, Bernadette Martin. At this point the property had three buildings on it; the “Green House” (Lakefront), “Red House” (Raised for the building of the Lakeview Home) and the “Yellow House” which exists no more.

Father Hervieux Circa 1930's Lakefront Camp Circa 1930's

Bernadette ran the camps as "Martin's Housekeeping Cottages" for many years. Upon Bernadette’s passing the property was then passed on to Bernadette's daughter and Son-in-Law; Theresa and Brainard George Beausoleil whom I must add were both raised in Tupper Lake.  Theresa and George continued to operate “Martins Housekeeping Cottages” for many years. It is important to mention a few family names that chose to spend over 15+ summers as guests of the camps; Charles and Lillian Rauh; Emerson NJ, Robert and Patricia Otto; Ramsey NJ, Bill and Barbara Culligan; Ridgewood NJ.

In the 1980’s, David Beausoleil, while exploring as a kid in the cellar of the Lakefront Camp, discovered a sign that had “Rock Bay Camps” written on it. It was very clear this was the original name Father Hervieux had named the camp and a fitting name it was. So from that day forward the camps name was changed.

Bernadette and Henry Martin

Theresa and Brainard George Beausoleil
Theresa and Brainard George Beausoleil

Extremely honored to act as the fourth generation caretaker of Rock Bay Camps. David and Robert Beausoleil purchased the camps from their parents in 2009. “It is our intent to continue to preserve our heritage and continue to share it with others”.

Ed Martin
In Memory of the “Greatest Uncle in The World”, Henry “Ed” Martin, April 11, 1925 – January 15, 2002





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